January 1st

Haruspex & FLBSS are becoming one! 

Our name is changing and we will now operate as Florida Business Software—But you can still rely on the same personal working relationships that you have had in the past.

SouthWare Efficiency Tips

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With our daily hectic schedules, we all are pressed for time when trying to get everything accomplished.  Here is a list we are starting to compile with some tips for using SouthWare more efficiently.  Be sure to check back often as we will be adding to the listing below.  Also, don't forget about our Quarterly User Groups Meetings and our events calendar showing Lunch and Learns and SouthWare Training Classes.  


End of Year Processing - Video


Handheld Devices for more Efficiency in your Warehouse Processes:

Pick / Ship Order Processing -  Your warehouse workers can now scan, record, and review the items they pick and ship for orders via any browser-based handheld device. As they process each picking ticket they can scan or enter the items to update SouthWare’s Picking/Shipping subsystem. This provides a streamlined way to record the items handled for the picking ticket and increase the accuracy of shipments. Information is updated instantly on your system so billing and status info is always up-to-date.  View Operator video or review Quick Reference guide

Physical Inventory - Your warehouse workers can now record physical counts of inventory via any browser-based handheld device.  The Physical Counts feature is packaged as a NetLink-enabled application.  View Physical Inventory video or review Quick Reference guide.

Remote Service Technician - The Remote Service Technician application provides a handheld-based solution for viewing and recording service work by a technician in the field. Via SouthWare NetLink a technician can use a web browser on an internet-enabled phone or other handheld to access and update live data from SouthWare's Service Management system.  View Technician video or review Quick Reference guide.


"All Reports" Portal - view all Standard and FYI Custom Reports from one screen (May 2013 - Report Portal - User Group Documentation).  Or, read the blog article.

Select for Billing Portal - allows you to select multiple orders at a time for quicker processing (May 2013 - Select for Billing Portal).  Or, read the blog article on same topic.

Ability to Run Multiple End of Day Processes - learn how to process invoices several times during the day without printing out reports (May 2013 - End of Day).  Or, read the blog article and view a video on same topic.

Edit Data in Grid Reports on Portal Pages -  different reports can now be setup to allow for editing data directly from the grid report (May 2013 - Grid Edit).  Or, read the blog article and view a video on same topic.