January 1st

Haruspex & FLBSS are becoming one! 

Our name is changing and we will now operate as Florida Business Software—But you can still rely on the same personal working relationships that you have had in the past.

Annual Event

Come Join Haruspex & FLBSS for our Annual Client Appreciation Event!

Join us for a two day interactive learning and networking session. Be the first to see new SouthWare enhancements, learn cool tips and tricks, and meet other great SouthWare users.

What is the Annual Client Appreciation Event?

It's two days of casual, fun, informative meetings and networking sessions which cover a variety of topics and provide plenty of opportunity for attendee interaction. We have discussion panels, guest speakers from the local community, question and answer sessions, training, and, of course, games and prizes.  We focus on a variety of topics during the sessions and provide information about new and existing features, point out tips or functions to use in daily tasks, and show ways to highlight your company’s information so it’s more accessible and useful to you.  

Why should I attend?

The Annual Client Appreciation Event is for you, our clients.  It's our way of saying "Thank You" for your loyalty and support.  It's a chance to meet new friends, interact with other SouthWare users, win door prizes, take a break from work and enjoy Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.  We will have several interactive park events including a scavengar hunt, a team building trek, a zoo tour and hands-on giraffe feeding.  Join Us!

Highlights from our 9th Annual Client Appreciation Event 

Review 2011's Annual Event topics and sessions.

9th Annual Client Appreciation Event


Thank you for making the 2012 Annual Haruspex/FLBSS Client Appreciation Event a huge success!

Every year we think there is no way we can have as much fun as we did last year but yet again, the 2012  Annual Haruspex/Florida Business Software Client Appreciation Event exceeded all of our wildest expectations!
Thank you to all of our guest speakers, presenters and most importantly, you, our attendees! This event is tailor-made for you and once again you've made it a rousing success! We hope you took away some valuable tools to improve your business with technology! We're already working on next year's program. Can't wait to see you in 2013!


Thank you to our Awesome Guest Speakers


We’d like to send a big thank you to our amazing guest speakers this year who gave us some really great food for thought. While you’re still wrapping your head around everything that you learned,
Joe Yazbeck – Prestige Leadership Advisors
As expected, Joe blew us away this year yet again with his insightful tips on how to motivate your audience to commit to your product or service. We surely enjoyed having him again this year and look forward to hearing from him again in the future!

Phil DuMas, CTO - Cybrix Group
Phil taught us a few of the bad guys’ tricks and it was certainly an eye opener! I think one thing everyone walked away with from the ‘Cyber Security: 10 real ways bad guys can, and will, steal your data’ is to never pick use a usb drive that you’ve found in your parking lot! Thanks Phil for your great advice!

George Herndon – SouthWare
What would our Annual Event be without George Herndon? Probably something like a pb&j sandwich without the jelly! Thank you George for showing us what SouthWare has in store for us. It’s one of our favorite segments each year because we get a sneak peek into what’s coming next and who doesn’t like a little insider information!


Congratulations William Mills From Osceola Supply!


Congratulation to William Mills from Osceola Supply for winning the big prize—The Samsung Galaxy Tab. We’re sure they’ll be putting it to good use pulling up all of those customer orders in SouthWare just like Dan showed us we could on our tablet devices!

And thank you Dealer Dan for doling out all of the fabulous prizes over the two days!


Your Feedback is Important to Us


Please take a moment to provide us with some feedback on this year’s event. Everything about this event, from the presentation topics to the guest speakers is meant to provide you with actionable information that you can use to run your business better. Please let us know if we accomplished our goal of creating a memorable, informative and all around fun time for you this year!
Take the survey here




9th Annual Client Appreciation Event

Thursday & Friday November 15th & 16th

Hyatt Regency, Clearwater Beach, FL

Maximizing Your Business Presence through technology!

 Join us for our most exciting event of the year where we say ‘Thank you’ to our clients! This event will invigorate you in a relaxing and beautiful environment because we’re taking our event to Clearwater Beach - November 15th and 16th, 2012.  Everyone’s invited to participate! Come for training, networking, relaxation, fun, entertainment and relevant discussions on topics that matter—topics you want and need to understand if you want to take YOUR business to the next level! This is a do-not-miss event.

Register to attend the two day event for $75 each person


Hotel reservations can be made at this special Hyatt website with the special $149/night rate




Day 1 - Break out session documents: Automating Email Documents and Year End Processes

Day 2 - Break out session documents: Mobile ExecuView and GL Financial Statement Viewer








Thank You for Making This Year's Client Appreciation Event Amazing!

Solving Each Other’s Problems

It was so amazing to be able to share a problem with the group and then get the help of the whole room to solve it! We all shared one problem, tiny or large, and everyone offered different possible solutions.

It turns out that extended data was a very popular answer to many of the room’s business issues. If you have any ideas of how you would like to use extended data to solve one of your own problems but you need a little bit of help getting started, give us a call. That’s why we’re here: to help you take your business to the next level!


Did You Catch That? So many Bells and Whistles!

Were you glued to the screen when Bonnie demo’d SouthWare’s brand new CRM portal, too?! How about when Dan showed us how fast the new Order Entry portal is or how easy it is to create custom reports on the fly with FYI. Rachel revealed that we can now email customers straight from within SouthWare and who can forget Don’s 7 tries to get the NetLink handheld picking demonstration to work! Well, he redeemed himself with an awesome demonstration of SouthWare’s shopping cart; can you believe how much functionality comes straight out of the box!?!

If there was a tip or trick that you saw for the first time and you would like to know more information about that aspect of SouthWare, shoot us a quick line. We’d be happy to show you more!


Scared Straight – PCI Links

If you weren’t scared straight after hearing that incredible first-hand story that Tom from Half Hitch Tackle shared about being breached, then you may want to have your pulse checked! The statistics are staggering: 43% of businesses that experience a breach go out of business within the next year. If you process credit cards in your business, here are some helpful links to getting you on the road to PCI Compliance:


You Need to Watch This

We ran out of time, but if you process credit cards in your business you need to watch this hilarious video that spells out the 12 steps you need to take to become PCI compliant. (Don't worry, it's safe for work!)


One Less Thing To Worry About – SouthWare is now PCI Compliant

Sleep easier at night knowing that you can process credit card transactions in SouthWare without having to worry about your element_payment_services_logosystem being the cause of a data breach! After teaming up with Element Payment Services, SouthWare no longer stores any credit card information. You still have to worry about the other 11 steps of PCI Compliance, but at least this one is covered!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to answer your questions about getting on (and STAYING on) the road to full compliance!

Thank You

Thank you to all of our guest speakers and for everyone who joined us for making this event a success! Here's to a successful 2012!


Please let us know your thoughts and feedback on our event by taking our short survey here! Your feedback will help us plan our future events, including location, topics covered and... whatever else you suggest!

Guest Speaker Joe Yazbeck


We are very lucky to have Joe Yazbeck, founder and president of Prestige Leadership Advisors of Largo, Florida, joining us at our Annual Client Appreciation Event!  Joe provides professional services in leadership development, executive coaching, media and public speaker training. We know these are all important parts of your business.

Joe has enjoyed over 30 years coaching, training and consulting in numerous industries.  His customized program on presenting with confidence will help YOU to become recognized and respected in your field.

Joe’s creative and charismatic approach will bring a refreshing way for you to learn methods for succeeding in this very high profile, media influenced business world.

Find out more about Joe here!

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