January 1st

Haruspex & FLBSS are becoming one! 

Our name is changing and we will now operate as Florida Business Software—But you can still rely on the same personal working relationships that you have had in the past.


Worldwide Distributor Still Finds Value in Partnership with Haruspex After 12 Year Relationship

Haruspex's Customers Still Find Value In Relationship Year after Year

It is, and always has been the ultimate goal of Haruspex to provide a great service to clients and to continue to bring value to its relationships for years to come, long after the initial handshake! That’s why when we look at all of our relationships with our clients and see how strong they have grown over the years it makes us proud! It shows that we are succeeding in providing that value to our customers sometimes even decades after the first initial engagement.

Read about how one of our clients, a worldwide distributor of hand protection products, still finds value in their relationship with Haruspex, even after 12 years! We helped them find a solution to an IT problem that plagues many organizations, large and small, network speed. All it took was brainstorming, some collaboration and a little bit of effort and they saw the clouds part in no time with drastic results!

Download the full article here

Haruspex Joins as Board Member of Greater Tampa Bay National Defense Industry Association NDIA


Haruspex Team member Jennifer Godin is announced as a new board member of The National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) Greater Tampa Bay Chapter.

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security. NDIA is proud to provide a legal and ethical forum for the exchange of information between Industry and Government on National Security issues. Members foster the development of the most innovative and superior equipment, training and support for our warfighters and first responders through divisions, local chapters, affiliated associations and events.

Tampa Bay is home to the MacDill Air Force Base, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the Greater Tampa Bay Chapter of NDIA provides a platform for members to interact and build relationships with key people in the industry. Through networking with one another, technology partnerships and new business developments are made.

“I am excited to be a part of such a great organization” Ms. Godin states, “The defense community in this area is ripe with opportunities and given a little bit of effort and facilitation, many businesses can benefit from getting involved with this local chapter”.

The group hosts regular events and their monthly mixer, every third Thursday of the month, is a great place to start to meet other members. You can read more about the NDIA Greater Tampa Bay Chapter on the web at www.tampabayndia.org .

RUAG Ammotec USA implements new accounting information management system and goes live in less than one week!


Tampa-based ammunition manufacturer RUAG Ammotec USA recently implemented SouthWare’s Excellence Series enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and was up and running in one week! RUAG Ammotec USA, formally known as Precision Ammunition, has always moved quickly—the company pumps out millions of rounds of Copper-Matrix NTF
Non-Toxic Frangible ammunition every month to meet demands of law enforcement, government and commercial customers.  Even though RUAG Ammotec USA’s success is based on quality and performance, implementing an entirely new accounting system, which includes financials, inventory warehouse management (WMS), material requirement planning (MRP) and customer relationship management (CRM), and going live within one week is an amazing feat of speed and accuracy!

The need

The company has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years and the growth to date in FY09 demonstrated to management that RUAG Ammotec USA needed a more sophisticated and scalable information management system. Management quickly decided to migrate from Peachtree Manufacturing and Act CRM and set their sights on a comprehensive solution that could handle all areas of their business and grow with them.

The solution

Enter Haruspex and SouthWare. With their eye on the target, the company contacted Haruspex directly because they knew their peers in the weapons and firearms industry were already using the SouthWare ERP for business management, order processing and inventory management. Importantly, they also knew that the solution had specific functionality that met the regulatory requirements of their industry. Up against competitor applications from SAP, Sage and others, SouthWare won the bid as the better solution to automate RUAG Ammotec USA’s lightning fast business needs—accounting, order processing, inventory management, materials planning (and everything in-between)!

The front office

Gone are the stacks of orders, papers and notes scattered about the office. Now, in real time, RUAG Ammotec USA can know what orders have been received and the profitability on all orders by simply logging into the SouthWare system. This data can even be accessed from any web-enabled device such as a PDA or the boss’s iPhone—all over secure connections protecting their critical data.

The Warehouse

RUAG can now schedule production more efficiently based on real-time data provided in SouthWare, which tracks what materials are in stock, what and when additional materials are expected to be received, and what finished goods are promised to their customers. Better planning will allow RUAG Ammotec USA to increase output, decrease lead time and increase their overall operational efficiency.

The result

Thanks to the recent purchase of new manufacturing machinery, RUAG Ammotec USA is gearing up to triple their output. Yet, because of SouthWare’s scalable ability to manage accounting and business-related processes, RUAG Ammotec USA will need very little additional effort to handle this significant growth. They’re looking forward to proactively managing their complex business issues and preparing for even more ambitious goals. RUAG Ammotec USA set their sights on an easy-to-use solution to manage their complex manufacturing environment. The result? Bull’s eye.


RUAG-Ammotech-USADownload the full Success Story Here!

Download PDF

SouthWare Announces the Release of Revision 15

Featuring Interactive Live Portals for an Enhanced User Interface


June 30, 2009 – AUBURN, AL – SouthWare Innovations, Inc., a leading provider of integrated business and financial management software, announced today the official release of Revision 15 to the

SouthWare Excellence Series.™


With this upgrade, SouthWare will introduce an enhanced user experience similar to web browsing, which will enable users to conduct business from any internet‐accessible location worldwide while providing secure access to critical business data. Interactive, live, roles‐based portals will provide clients with a 360 degree view of their business information. This enriched functionality will empower businesses to work faster and more efficiently, which in turn, will facilitate growth, profitability and an accelerated return on investment.


SouthWare NetLink™, the company’s browser‐based E‐Business tool, provides secured access to company data files from the web. SouthWare’s unique NetLink technology serves as a dynamic springboard for the new user experience.


“The ‘smarts’ that make our product so robust today are still driving the software’s functionality.” Said Tim Sanders, Executive Vice President and head of program development. “Revision 15 is even easier to navigate and delivers an unparalleled level of business intelligence to our clients.”


The new revision offers unsurpassed reporting capabilities. Users can view any chart or report from any angle through a combination of filters. Google charts, email integration, Remote Employees, and sales opportunity tracking are also new in Revision 15.


About SouthWare

SouthWare® combines traditional accounting functions with innovative products and services to make work easier for organizations across many industries. Our family of integrated financial and management information software is tailored for each client to meet specific business needs. A privately owned company, SouthWare is headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. We opened our doors back in 1984 with Version 1. Nearly 25 years –and 14 revisions– later, we are proud to produce a robust and mature product offering for companies of all sizes nationwide.

Our user group event was a hit!


Haruspex Business Software Solutionssw_logo


Wow! What a great event!


Thank you to everyone who attended our user group meeting on Friday, June 19th 2009. We had a great time and hope that everyone else did as well!


Kevin-Till-Dan-Davis  Haruspex-User-Group 


We saw users networking with each, sharing ideas and exchanging contact information. Our guest speakers kept us informed and at one point, laughing our tails off! Everyone walked away with a brief glimpse into the new SouthWare REV 15, and boy was it a good site! Two people even walked away with some prizes: Sean Campbell from Sempermed USA won the big prize - Nintendo Wii (we saw that one coming, he joked about winning it all day!) and Jane Turner from SRT Supply won tickets to Cirque Du Soleil.



Sean-Campbell-Don-Ewing   Jane-Turner-Don-Ewing



If you haven’t already taken our survey, we would love to hear what you thought about our user group event. We want to make sure that these events are helpful and informative and give you real, usable information to help you be more productive and maximize the use of your SouthWare system! Click here to take the survey.



As promised here are all of the slides from the event as well as a few links that we mentioned throughout the day:



9:00 - 9:15 Networking and Introductions
9:15 - 10:00 Break Out Sessions:

Option 1: Customer Loyalty / Marketing


Download slides

Option 2: SQL / ODBC and Reporting


Download slides

Download DoWork handout

Download Updating Field handout

10:10 - 11:00

The BIG Reveal!! - SouthWare Rev 15


Download slides

11:10 - 12:00 Mobile Technology - Accessing your data on the go!
12:00 - 1:00


50 Ways to leave your money - Alan Bridges

1:00 - 2:00 More great SouthWare Rev 15 features
2:10 - 3:00 Break out sessions:

Option 1: Customizing your system


Download slides

Download Adding Functionality handout

Option 2: CRM - TaskWise
3:10 - 4:00

Wrap up closing - Haruspex & SouthWare Promo's

Taking advantage of the stimulus package


Download ARRA slides

IWT Grant application



An extra special thanks to our guest speakers:


Danielle Loughran – Accell 


Tony Gray – AM Gray Systems, Sprint Nextel 


Alan Bridges – Got-Rack.com


George Herndon – SouthWare


Tony-Gray  Alan-Bridges 




We're Re-Branding!

You may have noticed that we have updated our look! We wanted to update our look to be more inline with who we are and what we do. Our new name better reflects our industry, software solutions, and our new look brings a more modern and fresh image along with it!


We asked all of our customers to provide their feedback during our re-branding process and we received tremendous response. The majority voted for the logo that you see now, three boxes representing structure without the rigidity.


Haruspex Business Software Solutions


We used www.random.org to generate a random winner from all of our submissions and the winner was submission #10:


Chris Tauriello from Uniform City!!


Uniform City


Chris will be receiving an Ipod Shuffle for providing him feedback! Congratulations Chris!


And congratulations to all of our valued customers as we look forward to serving you for many years to come!



You could be eligible for free training for your business!

Grant Money is Available For Training Your Employees New/Upgraded Skills!


Workforce Florida is now accepting applications for their Incumbent Worker Training Program which provides grant funding, up to $50,000, for customized training for existing for profit businesses. Through this customer-driven program, Florida is able to effectively retain and keep businesses competitive through upgrade skills training for existing full-time employees. Workforce Florida, Inc. administers the program.


Established in 1999, the Incumbent Worker Training Program has provided customized training for over 50,000 employees for more than 500 businesses throughout the state. The program has been structured to be flexible to meet the business’s training objectives. The business may use public, private, or its own in-house training provider based on the nature of the training.


Here is a link to Workforce Florida's website where you can download the IWT Grant application:




Get in contact with your local Workforce Alliance office:


Pinellas County

2312 Gulf-to Bay Blvd.
Clearwater, Fl 33755
Phone : (727) 524-4344

Contact: Ed Peachey
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Hillsborough County

Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance, Inc.

5701 E. Hillsborough Ave, Suite 1419
Tampa, Florida 33610
(813) 740-4680

Contact: Marlena McClure
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Catherine Kennedy

Incumbent Worker Training

Program Manager

1580 Waldo Palmer Suite 1

Tallahassee, FL 32308

office (850)921-1119

fax (850)921-1101



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



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