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Setting up a Credit Card Interface on Workstation

on 08 September 2015.

Did you know? If you use Element or Cayan credit card processing and would like to allow a SouthWare user the ability to charge credit cards in an Order Entry,Service Order Entry, Invoicing or AR Cash Transactions, their specific workstation needs to be setup with certain permissions.  See setup steps.

Using Status to find a Workstation Number

on 08 September 2015.

Learn a quick and efficient way to determine which workstation a SouthWare user is logged into. This allows for a brief review of workstation number, logon name, current open activity, and Company ID.  If you get an error message about "record in use" this is a way to review who might be using that program or screen.  View Document

Just a Note about Purchase For Line Items

on 30 April 2015.

SouthWare's Order Entry Portal and Service Order portal support asking the question to create a PO for Purchase-For Line items

The OE Portal and SO Portal now honor the "create PO question" from the sales or service operator record.  Previously, the portals would automatically generate a PO when you exited the portal if the operator was set to automatic or ask to create a PO.  The pages now look at the operator ID from XX99 to determine if it should ask the question or automatically create a PO.


New Functionality for QS Service Portal

on 28 April 2015.

SouthWare has been busy adding new functionality to the QuickScreens Service Order Portal.

In the QuickScreens Serive Order Portal, they've added an option to create a new service address.







 When choosing a piece of equipment in the Service Order portal, you can view details about the equipment and equipment history.








Lastly, you can now add customer equipment on the fly.



Techie Tip - Using Notes

on 23 April 2015.

New -- Has Notes/Attachments flag for key files

For everybody who has tried to access SouthWare Notes in reports, you'll welcome this news. 

SouthWare has added notes and "has notes attachment flag" to Order Header/Order Line, SO Header, SO Line, Customer and stock files.
New Data Dictionary fields:

  • AR01 field 94 - Has Notes
  • AR01 field 95 - Has File Attach Notes
  • IV01 field 269 - Has Notes
  • IV01 field 270 - Has File Attach Notes
  • RS07/RS10 field 270 - Has Notes
  • RS07/RS10 field 271 - Has File Attach Notes
  • RS08/RS11 field 166 - Has Notes
  • RS08/RS11 field 167 - Has File Attach Notes
  • SV04/SV14 field 317 - Has Notes
  • SV04/SV14 field 318 - Has File Attach Notes
  • SV06/SV16 field 145 - Has Notes
  • SV06/SV16 field 146 - Has File Attach Notes

Double Check that Signature

on 21 April 2015.

New Option to view Service Order Summary with signature from SO Portal and Remote Tech Portal

You can now add an option to the SO Portal to display a history Service Order with the signature included.

SouthWare has also added other functionality - like the close option to S/O list to view history S/Os and a View Summary option for techs to view Service Order history.

Check it out!





New Remote Sales Access for Tablets

on 16 April 2015.

New Remote Sales Portal (for tablets/touch screen)

SouthWare has been busy creating better remote access for the "on-the-road" salesman.

The Remote Sales portal allows a mobile salesperson to access and update SouthWare orders and manage customer relationships over an internet connection. The layout and functionality of this portal are optimized for tablet and touch screen use.

Feature Highlights

Highlights of features included in the portal include:

  • Easy tabbed access to major categories of sales-related info
    • Each tab maintains its state to give you multiple open desktops
      • Start Tab for overview and find functions
        • Order status and trends
        • Invoice trends
        • Task status
        • Pipeline status
        • Global Find/Navigate
          • Search by name or document number
          • Find includes all major files
          • Zoom from search list to related details portal
        • Accounts Tab
          • Summary of all accounts
          • Find account by name or list all accounts
          • View A/R aging for accounts
          • Add a new prospect record
        • Customer Account Portal
          • Summary and overview
          • Access to contacts
          • All open orders and past invoices
          • Sales opportunities
          • Tasks
          • Receivables
          • Service Orders
          • Service Contracts
          • Notes and Extended Data
        • Prospect Account Portal
          • Summary and overview
          • Contacts, opportunities, tasks, notes, Extended Data
        • Contact Portal
          • Summary and overview
          • Tasks, notes, and Extended Data
        • Orders Tab
          • Orders summary and overview
          • Inquire a stock item
          • List orders and quotes and invoices
          • Add a new customer
          • Access an existing order
          • Order Entry
            • General order header and totals info
            • Line item entry including search and recent customer purchases
            • Miscellaneous charges
            • Shipping info
            • Optional signature capture
            • Optional payment entry
            • Text entry
            • Notes and Extended Data
            • Optional Order Summary page (with signature) for review and/or printing
        • Service tab
          • Listing of service orders
          • Option to view (optional edit)
        • Tasks tab
          • List of tasks (open or closed) with zoom options
          • Option to add new task
        • Pipeline tab
          • Analysis of sales opportunities including forecast, stage funnel chart, stage analysis, and opportunity listing
        • Analysis tab
          • Multiple analysis charts and lists including sales pipeline, monthly sales, and commissionsales






View Documentation

View Video/DEMO

New Remote Features - Order Entry Portal

on 14 April 2015.

Attention Remote SouthWare Users - New Remote Order Entry Portal (for tablets/touch screesn)

This new remote Order Entry portal allows you to edit new and existing sales orders.  The portal is organized into several pages for easy access to all related data.

View the documentation below or watch the video today!







View Documentation

View Video/DEMO

Add a Quote for a Prospect

on 09 April 2015.

New option to create a new Sales Quote

From the TaskWise Prospect's page, once you list the Sales Quotes for a specific prospect, you have the added capability to create a new sales quote from the same screen.




Easy Way to Add a New Contact

on 07 April 2015.

New option to add a contact when adding a new opportunity or task

From the CRM Portal page:  If you are adding an opportunity or a new task in SouthWare, once the relationship is defined, you now have the option to add a new contact. 




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